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Hearing Voices

Start, Imma start with this

Just a single thought followed by words
I hope I don’t miss
Miss anything
Write you a letter but it’s better that you hear me
I suppose I could sing
About a song to share the meaning
Of the love for you I’m feeling
People saying what they will
But I don’t care

I’m hearing voices all around
I’m hearing voices calling out
What would they say (to me)
What would it change (nothing)
I’m hearing voices all around
I’m hearing voices making sounds
What would they take (from me)
What would they say to me
If I was, I was listening

Catch my twenty-two
I’d gladly give it to somebody
Cause I only wanna be with you
I’m lost in this love
I start to drown and you go and pull me up
Don’t you listen to what they say

Oh, come here
There’s something I should tell you
Darling, don’t fear
'Cause ....

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