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Dreaming Out Loud

Well, hello sir we live for Monday’s
Confidant, forget their someday
Pushing all the papers to a wealthy man
Might I say a beautiful tie
You’re wearing how do you find
Such lovely polka dots and stripes these days

Break, all my thoughts hit the floor
Like I’m making the score
I’m the king of the world
I’m a popular man
Count my zeros to ten
If you can’t, well I can
Don’t let anyone wake me

I’m dreaming out loud
Dreaming out loud
And I’m in what’s so familiar it seems
I’m dreaming out loud
Dreaming out loud
Can’t find a puzzle to fit into a piece, apart of me

(Curtain calls) a sanctuaries
Actors in the cloth they freak me out
I've gained my purpose in the magazines
The famous how they make you feel grand
They’re always there to hold your hand
In times of trouble they’re best of friends

They don’t care what you say
They don’t care what you think
Only care what you do
Long as you’re agreed
Take a look at yourself

Storm tries to come and break my world
No, I won’t let it
Stumble to escape though anchored drapes
(No way to) ....

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